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TASE ('level' or 'limit' in English) is the annual graduation show/festival of the Estonian Academy of Arts. During the last few decades each 'edition' has considerably differed from the previous one, due to the various exhibition spaces, funding options etc. 

I curated TASE'13 around the question of the future of Estonian Academy of Arts and higher art education in general. TASE'13 main exhibition of MA degree works by the students of architecture, design, fine arts and art research faculties took place at the Museum of Estonian Architecture.

The catalogue which accompanied the exhibition and was handed to each alumnus as a "diploma" consists of transcriptions of talks about EKA with Berk Vaher, Marek Tamm, Erkki Luuk, Rael Artel, Laur Kaunissaare.

Pdf of the Estonian catalogue: //media.voog.com/0000/0038/6069/files/kataloog_FINAAL%20v%C3%A4ike.pdf

Notes on Space
Lost in Space

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