Writing, Curating and Lecturing on Visual Arts, Public Space and Architecture

Lost in Space

In autumn 2013 I curated a group show at Konstfack bringing together students from 16 Nordic and Baltic art academies. This is the exhibition's catalogue I edited and compiled, designed by Epp Õlekõrs.

Lost in Space was inspired by an enquiry about art academies’ galleries in Europe. One would think of these galleries as an integral part of art education, but what do they actually stand for? They form a chaotic sphere of white cubes, project spaces, foyers, corridors, garages and further “other spaces” run in completely different ways, whether by faculty members, students, curators, gallerists, technicians etc. Although contemporary art has lately experienced excessive research about its educational aspects, student galleries have been strangely over-looked in the academic field. Lost in Space aimes to fill this space.

A plentiful catalogue functioning as an exhibition guide supplemented the exhibition. Along the forewords by the curator and Riikka Stewen, The Professor of Art History and Art Theory at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, each of the participants contributed with either interviews, statements, fiction or manifests about their intents within the exhibition. 

Pdf: //media.voog.com/0000/0038/6069/files/kataloog_LOSTinSPACE_materjalsees.pdf
The ABC of Avant-garde

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