In June 2015 Estonian Academy of Arts held a visionary pre-conference to look ahead at the future of the academy before it finally moves into its new building between the Old Town and Kalamaja districts.

I gave a talk called EKA, KAKA, BAKA, RÄKA (the abbreviation EKA standing for the Estonian Academy of Arts, KAKA for Kalamaja's Academy of Arts, BAKA for Baltic Academy of Arts and RÄKA for Räpina's Academy of Arts. What should be the mission, the goal for the academy in the coming years? Should we stay extremely local (Kalamaja), should we share our doings with the other Baltic academies or perhaps we should prepare for the collapse of the environment, leave the city behind and take our position in the periphery village of Räpina?
Curating Contemporary Art
Kilometre of Sculpture

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