On the East-Mentality of Dwarves

Article on c: (Tanel Rander's) exhibition exhibited at Artishok Biennale on 18.10.2012.

Gregor Taul x c:


On the East-Mentality of Dwarves



According to Wikipedia, historians have counted 182 utopian projects for united Europe from 1306 to 1945. The European Union of today is one of the very few ‘successes’ where the wolves are all fed and have eaten just a few of the sheep. Should one of the wolves eat the sheep of another wolf, things might get crooked. At the moment the Eastern Europeans are still being barbequed by consensus and although the utopia is fidgeting, it seems that the system will hold for a while longer.


The politicians turn to the intellectuals, asking them to propose a positive programme for the Europe in crisis. But the latter have started to think positively about this part of the world only after the 1960s decolonisation acts in Africa. Yet even now, the narrative on which the protection of the European state could be based upon seems to be missing. Worshipping a big narrative does not go with the times.


But some still write. For example Jürgen Habermas, the so-called last European. However, reading his articles on how to save Europe, you will be left wondering why all the references are to German, English and French thinkers. An arbitrary conclusion: the reason behind the European project is connecting and reconcilying the big countries so they wouldn’t colonise each other. Colonisation outside the project is inevitable, or if not, some other project is surely dealing with it.


C: seems to be referring to the fact that in the context of Eastern Europe, we must talk about colonising oneself instead, in cultural, political, as well as in economic terms. For me, it seems that there is nothing wrong with colonising oneself with Western European culture and policies, because it enriches our cultural scene. Decolonisation is necessary only when there is a need to rebel against the colonising elements that are forcefully making the local culture dissimilar from that of the rest of the world – for example the American entertainment industry. That is why decolonising the invasion of German dwarves into East is necessary?


However, if the dwarves are economically annexing, the situation is different. Thinking men, little mermaids and peeing boys are acceptable, but slave ships on the Baltic Sea and the slave planes of Ryanair have a lot more tragic consequences that are similar to those of colonialism. C: heroically bombs the slave ship, but it keeps stubbornly resurfacing. A never-ending story? In case the contrary should happen – for example, should the Republic of Estonia need many manual workers in the future – we might consider bringing in the surviving Finno-Ugric people from Russia. That could be a similar “positive colonisation” like the invasion of dwarves into Eastern Europe is at the present moment.

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