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Notes on Space. Monumental Painting in Estonia 1947–2012

Notes on Space. Monumental Painting in Estonia 1947–2012 — The English edition of Notes on Space, published in collaboration of Lugemik and Theater NO99, issued in 2012 to celebrate Tõnis Saadoja’s Ceiling Painting in Theatre NO99.

The English edition is a concise summary of the (mostly) monumental paintings, supergraphics, and art made in mosaic technique in Soviet Estonia. Short descriptions of all the 94 depicted monumental works and an essay written by art historian Gregor Taul accompany Paul Kuimet's detailed photography. The book gives an excellent overview of the art of Estonian public space before the so-called percentage law came into force, of the Soviet-era "synthesis of the arts" and the fate of the works in the working class lunch rooms, cultural houses and apartment buildings under capitalism. The texts were edited by Ingrid Ruudi, the book was designed by Indrek Sirkel.
The Estonian National Museum’s building at Raadi. An essay on spatial culture

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